About MathConcept

Incorporated by a group of elite mathematicians and mathematics educators, renowned university education professional, best-selling textbook author, subject teachers and education management professionals, MathConcept has been dedicated in providing all-round learning experiences in mathematics.

MathConcept was first founded in Olympian City of Hong Kong in May 2010. We currently have several learning centers located at different districts, with more than 8,000 students in the region. Till now, MathConcept has developed a sophisticated base of teaching material, with more than 100,000 pages of courseware and 104 publications, satisfying the needs of both local and international school students in Hong Kong covering curriculums from kindergarten to various high school levels.

Why Choose MathConcept

Diagnostic Test

Before enroling into our program, all students will take the MathConcept diagnostic test which will decide where their mathematical levels are. The test should take about 60 to 90 minutes and contain all the math hot topics and concept they are going to be needed to excel in school.

Unique Study Plan

Of course each individual is unique just like everything in the world, so we will create your very own special study plan just for the student himself or herself according to the result of the diagnostic test. The students can choose to work on the English version or the Chinese version courseware. Setup their own schedule to finish their study plan. The MathConcept instructor will communicate with the parents and report the student's progress in each class using the MathConcept handbook.

Professional Mentor

Each and everyone of the MathConcept staff is a math specialist and a great mentor who will provide a fun studying environment to the students. We motivate kids to learn math and build up their confidence in math.



MathConcept’s Little First Steps program for early childhood learners enhances their natural interest in mathematics and their instinct to use it to organize and make sense of their world in preparation for ...

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Primary School

We understand that learning math in primary school is very important — it acts as the foundation for all your child’s future math studies. They must master their basic number facts and develop numerical fluency ...

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Junior Secondary School Program

We understand that math is very important in the first three years of secondary school. Math in junior level acts as the basic foundation for later mathematical ...

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International Exam Program

By the time they reach senior year in secondary school, all students perform at different skill levels. To determine each student’s abilities, our experienced group of tutors will evaluate students with a written assessment ...

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A+ Math Olympiad

MathConcept's Math Olympiad Program is designed not only the child prodigy or math competition but to popularize Math Olympiad to everyone. We will teach students how to develop a diverse and outside the box thinking ...

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